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In our last post we talked about how POOR DESIGN can negatively affect the cost of a project, today we will be looking at another major bane of low cost housing in Nigeria and that is:


  1. In the course of our practice, we have discovered that poor workmanship which is very prevalent in Nigeria is a major factor to consider.

    We have seen situations where the client is forced to double spend because of this.

    When work that has been paid for is terribly executed, the client is (sadly so) forced to do the same work item all over again.

    This is an all too common phenomenon in the Nigerian building industry.

    As pedestrian as brick laying is, you will be amazed at how much extra funds the client will have to spend to cover the flaws if it is not well done the first time.

In some cases you find that the plastering has to be about 2 to 3 inches thick (note that normal plastering thickness should be half an inch) to adequately cover the flaws in block setting.

We are talking tens if not hundreds of bags of cement (depending on the scale of the project) not budgeted for.

And that is not considering the extra unbudgeted trips of sand and of course labours.

When you walk into a space and you are welcomed by haphazard and poorly executed works, every sense of appreciation automatically leaves you


In extreme cases, poor workmanship can result in fire outbreak from poor electrical wiring and even building collapse resulting from poor plumbing works, etc.

This issue has made it sacrosanct for us as a firm to subject all of our artisans to a very meticulous scrutiny to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Be wise!!! Make up your mind never to be penny wise and pound foolish; always endeavor to do things the right way especially when it has to do with DESIGN & BUILD because it could sometimes result in loss of lives.

Please join us in our next post as we continue with our series on the factors that affect low cost housing in Nigeria…

One of our self given goals is to demystify the prevalent belief that you must have millions and millions of naira before you can build your own house.


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